Music Mayhem: THE Online Music Game Show

Music Mayhem is the fast-paced, high-energy, interactive music game show that college students and pro sports spectators have been scrambling to win since 1999.

A truly 21st-century smartphone music trivia game, Music Mayhem online music game show operates via smartphone or tablet combined with a TV or screen. Players listen to songs and try to guess the title and artist as they appear letter by letter on the screen, using their smartphone or tablet to submit their answers.

Music Mayhem has thousands of songs to choose from, from every genre imaginable -- last week's chart-toppers to 40's big band swing, gospel to R&B, 80's metal to Broadway showtunes. Music Mayhem can customize playlists by era, genre, or any type of theme --love songs, artists from a specific state, patriotic songs, current hits, and more! Our professional Trivia Jockeys will tailor the playlists to the tastes of the crowd to keep the Mayhem at full blast!

Contact us to book the Mayhem at your favorite bar, ballroom, brewery, sports arena, college campus, holiday party, private event... our professional Trivia Jockeys can bring the Mayhem to you wherever you are!

From Music Mayhem inventor Bill Solboe:  “I donate time and money to Alzheimer’s disease research via a nonprofit organization called Music for Memories.  Alzheimer’s-related fundraising events can use the game for free, and every time a song is played we donate money to Alzheimer's disease research.

Bill has a deep personal interest in Alzheimer's cure research.  "As a result, I've dedicated myself, and my business, to join the fight to find a cure.”

Learn more about Music Mayhem’s connection to the fight to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

Think you know music? Trivia that goes to 11

making alzheimer's a distant memory, one song at a time ™


Our Mayhem Techs are actively in the process of rebuilding and updating

Thanks for your patience as we get all the Mayhem up to date for you!