Paid TRIVIA JOCKEY, sales, & tech Gigs

Are you a DJ, trivia host, actor, musician or enthusiastic music lover?

Are you an entrepreneur with great people, organization and sales skills? 

Are you looking to work with an ethical company with a mission and purpose that resonates with your core values?

Music Mayhem is always looking for exceptional people to join our fun & enthusiastic team of professional Trivia Jockeys, Show Tech Leads, and Local/Regional Sales Representatives for local shows, corporate/private events, and more.

To get more information and be considered for an audition, fill out the form below. Thank you for your interest in joining our team at Music Mayhem!

making alzheimer's a distant memory, one song at a time ™

... OR at your local watering hole

host live shows for 100s of fans ...

Application for Trivia Jockey, Sales Representative, & Show Tech Lead


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