Kickstarter Live Game Plays Santa and Gives Holiday Access as a Christmas Perk for $1

making alzheimer's a distant memory, one song at a time ™

Minneapolis, MN - December 23, 2015 - Who wouldn't want to play a music trivia game at the office Christmas party? What about a little musical revelry after the holiday feast with family? Sounds like a plan. So says Bill Solboe, the inventor of the music guessing game for trivia fans called Music Mayhem. He's the musical know-it-all who parlayed a fun pastime with friends into a successful board game and live performance show over two decades ago. He's also the man who has brought the game's contagious toe-tapping brilliance to the digital age with a newly launched Kickstarter campaign. Poised to bring music trivia to the masses digitally in a way no other game can match, the campaign has started off with a Christmas perk for supporters. Trivia buffs get full access to more than 4 hours of game play for any pledge of $1 or more. 

Solboe said of the great Christmas holiday Kickstarter perk, "It's so perfect that I could give crowdfunding supporters, on the greatest holiday of the year, a piece of a game that was once sold at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And because it's a web-based game and not an app, everyone can participate. How's that for 'rockin' around the Christmas tree' this year?"

Music Mayhem keeps the giving spirit of the holidays alive all year round as a Specific Benefit Corporation that supports Alzheimer's research with every single song played. In the new arena of "benefit corporations," the company is a trail blazer. It's likely the only entertainment gaming company in the U.S. that has a voluntary "obligation" to give charitable donations. Now Kickstarter supporters who back the campaign for at least $1, get access to a great game, and know that their support makes it possible for Solboe and Music Mayhem to finish necessary programming that will bring the game to the masses and ratchet up the funds forwarded to Alzheimer's disease research and advocacy.

So how does a player play Music Mayhem? A song is played and players submit their song title and artist guesses using their smartphones. The faster you correctly answer, the more points you earn. There's no app to download, all a player needs is their smartphone's web browser. Music Mayhem can also customize playlists by era, genre and theme, like Christmas tunes for the upcoming holiday. During the Kickstarter campaign, backers can play "old school" with paper and pencils or just by shouting out answers. Solboe will use the crowdfunding proceeds to smooth out the smartphone game play and stabilize the game so it can support masses of simultaneous players.

About Music Mayhem:
Music Mayhem is a fast-paced interactive game that challenges players to guess the title and artist of songs from any era or genre.  Patented as a board game 25 years ago, Music Mayhem also has had success as a live performance show.  It is now seeking funding on Kickstarter as an interactive online game show.  The social game raises industry standards as a Minnesota Benefit Corporation, a benefactor of Alzheimer’s research and related advocacy programs.

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​​Music Mayhem ups the ante on social gaming and Christmas celebrations with a $1 perk. The newly launched Kickstarter crowdfunding project for the live music trivia game gives supporters full access to several playlists for one “single” note.